Star Trac ST2000 rear roller bearings

I've got a Star Trac ST2000 treadmill, pretty old but came from a low-use physical therapy clinic and still works great. Last years, our basement flooded and the treadmill was sitting in 1-2 feet of water for several hours. We were thrilled that everything still worked once it had been dried out... but the rear roller eventually seized up, I'm sure from water getting into the bearings & creating rust.

So now, I have the rear roller removed and I'm trying to disassemble it to replace the bearings. Youtube videos make it look pretty easy. But this Star Trac roller has black plastic covers on either end of the cylinder that hide the bearings, and for the life of me I cannot figure out how to get those covers off. Does anyone know? And/or does this cover have a purpose other than cosmetics? If not, I could cut it out with a Dremel or something else.

I really would like to repair this roller, since it's the only problem with the unit and I cannot find any complete replacements. I'd also be curious to know if roller from other treadmill brands/models would be compatible replacements. Thanks!


  • Those covers protech bearing from getting dust & dirt into them, cutting them off will create a bigger issue. Those rollers are NLA .
  • Sorry... what does NLA mean?
  • Those parts are no longer available.
  • Any suggestions on what I can do? Dust covers to protect the bearings don't accomplish much if the bearings themselves are unusable. I find it hard to believe that the treadmill is worthless just because the rear roller bearings (a $5 part) are seized up... and/or some other year/make/model roller isn't compatible in some way.
  • Bumping this thread, in case anyone has ideas
  • found rollers at front roller is $145.00 & rear is $260.00
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    Thanks! Found it:

    Now I have to try and justify $260 for a rear roller on a treadmill that I only paid $100 for! I may give the original roller a repair attempt first. These black endcaps have to come off somehow.
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