Lift motor not working but gets current

Hi I have a Horizon T202 treadmill for which the incline motor has stopped working. After much troubleshooting I determined that the lift motor itself is not damaged (no gearbox or freezing issues, coil/capacitor all ok) and wires and harnesses all passed the continuity test on the control board. The console is beeping and controlling everything else. The only odd thing I noticed is that while the treadmill is plugged in and stopped from the console, the control board seems to be passing 120V current to the lift motor, when you would think current only should be sent to the lift motor when the treadmill is started.
Please let me know if I am on to something and if so what to look for.


  • With treadmill turned on but not running does the incline motor get hot after sometime. Also below I have attach some troubleshooting guide for incline.
  • Hi, thank you for the quick response. The incline motor seems to be cold to the touch after leaving the machine plugged in. The pdf that you attached is insightful and made me realize the console cable may be the culprit, I just dont know how to troubleshoot it. The cable harness holes are too small to use multimeter leads - my first thought was to do a continuity test on the cable itself. Even if I could insert the leads in the harness the cable itself is real long and goes thru the treadmill mast making it near impossible to reach the two ends with a multimeter. Please let me know if there is a better way to test this cable. thx
  • That's the best way to the cable we do it all the time.
  • ok i figured it out. After opening the treadmill column I tested for continuity on the console cable from both the console to the connector and from the connector to the control board and they all passed.
  • Sounds like a lift motor
  • I tested the motor by directly connecting to power and it worked, turned both directions
  • You should have 110-120 vac to lift motor on black & white wires when you try to incline unit, and 110-120 vac on red & white when you try to decline it.
  • hi happy holidays sorry about the delay in responding. Im getting 120 vac on both connections you mentioned with the machine plugged in but not running.
  • could this be a faulty component on the mcb?
  • sounds like it.
  • is there a way I can isolate which component and replace just that?
  • You would have to replace the entire mcb on treadmill.
  • ok thank you for all your follow up and help
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