Sole F80 high amp draw

Need some advice. I have an older Sole F80 that has been a workhorse for years. However the last few years it’s been having some issue with popping the circuit breaker at higher speeds. I replaced the internal circuit breaker, control board, motor and rear roller. Yet the amp draw is still high, even while unloaded. I’m torn between whether it’s the front roller or belt. It’s at the point where how much more do you spend on a 10 year old treadmill. I checked the belt and it’s properly lubed, but I also realize age is working against it. The belt appears extremely hard to move by hand. Any advice on how to confirm a bad belt or front roller? Thanks.


  • Hello!

    It sounds like your belt needs changing - quite possibly the deck! This is optimal for keeping your unit like new!

    Replacing the whole unit is expensive!

    if you let the unit run by itself with no one on it, If it runs fine and does not shut off then you know that the running belt would need to be replaced
  • I'm leaning towards the new belt. I did the walk test (without power) and it's "extremely" hard to move the belt. I have to really lean into it to move without power. The deck checks out ok, smooth and well oiled. However, it's warrantied for life from Sole. The unit does run with no one it, but the amp draw is high once speeds reach 6+ mph.
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