Nordicktrak T9.2 ribbons cleaned, still no joy

edited February 7 in Treadmill Problems
Hi all

I posted an issue some weeks ago where my T9.2 turns on but none of the left hand side or right hand side buttons worked. I followed some advice and cleaned the ribbons on the circuit board with an eraser and contact cleaner. It made a couple of the buttons work but then when I closed it all up it stopped again. I recleaned all the ribbons again, the reed switch, everything that could be disconnected I cleaned. It still doesn't work. I you turn the thing off maybe 5 times the incline with work and sometimes by getting it to incline tho speed buttons work but only momentarily, then they stop working again.

Questions are....what else can be causing this issue? Can the whole console or circuit board and components be replaced? Its in such good condition it would be sad to get rid of it, unless for parts


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