Does my E11 error have to do with alignment?

Hi there,

I'm getting an E11 error on my keys fitness 4500t, after having changed the old belt to a new one bought online
I applied treadmill lubricant to the underside of the belt and still I am getting this error.

The belt appears slightly out of alignment. It is angled more to the left of the unit at the front. Could this be causing the E11 error? I understand that there is typically an issue with belt deck friction, but in my case it is a new belt and it is lubricated. I never had this error before and to the best of my knowledge, we did not trip any motor component or sensor when replacing the belt, not introduce dust into the system or dirt or foreign objects. In fact vacuumed most of the underside of the deck and between the deck and the belt, and underneath the front cover of the unit.

Thanks in advance, if anyone wants a picture it would be happy to email one as I am unable to figure out how to post one here.


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