Treadmill intermittently bogging down

Hi All,

Here's my problem...I have a NordicTrac A2105...For about the past 2 weeks I've had an issue where after starting the walking belt at 4mph it starts bogging down after 30-45 seconds of my initially getting on it...When I get off the deck it gets back to speed but when I get back on it slows again...What I've resorted to doing (after the initial bogging) is increasing the belt speed to 8mph and staying off it for about 1 minute, turning the speed back down to 4mph, and then it runs normally (albeit it seems like a few times it bogs down for 1 sec here & there) for the rest of my 45-60 min walk...I've lubricated the underside of the belt with silicon spray and the symptoms have not changed...I took off the motor cover and the drive belt seems quite snug...I've also loosened (1/4 allen wrench turn from 12 o'clock to 3 o'clock) and similarly tightened the walking belt and saw no change.

If anyone has any recommendations I'm more than willing to try before replacing the unit.

Thanks in advance,


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