Horizon T202 Control Board Relay/s

Hello, my T202 treadmill will not raise or lower the running platform. I have narrowed the issue down to the control board and possibly the relays. A couple times when in engineering mode, after disconnecting/reconnecting the board, the incline will start working for a second and then cut off which tells me either a connection is loose on the board or the relay is the culprit.
What I am trying to find out is where the incline relay is. The Johnson manual (p30) mentions two relays but I think I only see one, at least I think I am looking at the relay from searching on YouTube. I can not locate a components diagram so if anyone can help let me know where on the board the relay/s is it'll be a great help.
I have detached the board with everything on it and dont see any loose components, if there are any tips in what I should look for once I locate the relay would also greatly help.


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    What is your serial number so we can see what diagrams we can find?

    Do you have a voltmeter where you could check to see if you have 8vdc to 12vdc on the wires?
  • Sorry about the delay, found the SN: TM6431111CL00692
    The board itself is 1000111476 type
    An update to this troubleshooting: I have a bypass switch installed to control the incline motor. With the treadmill turned off, when I raise/lower with the switch, i can hear the two relays clicking, and in one of those intervals when I turn the treadmill on the Incline up works but not down - I think this tells us the culprit might indeed be the relays, unless something else that controls the relays is out.
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    I found a diagram of the wiring - I am working on uploading to this site as I cannot copy and paste the address... would you be willing to share your email?
  • Sure not a problem, thank you for digging up the digram. I will send a direct message unless you prefer a different way
  • I just sent it - let me know if you do not get it!
  • Unfortunately the diagram did not show details of the board. If anyone has any info or how to troubleshoot the faulty component then plz le tme know, thanks
  • no we don't - we suggest replacing the motor controller
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