Freemotion treadmill XTR runs for approx 4 min...It comes to a stop...and then starts back up again.

I have a fremotion and when is running each 4 comes to stop but then start back up again within raise to stop...this is cyclic...Do you have any idea what kind of problem is this...?


  • Hi! This could simply be too much friction on your belt - have you lubed lately?
  • 1st When the running belt stops does the Drive Motor also stop?
    If yes then it could be a weak Drive Motor or bad Motor Controller.

    2nd When the running belt stops does the Drive Motor continue to run and also does the drive belt continue to run?
    If the Drive motor still runs and Drive Belt does not then you will need to tighten down the Drive Belt or replace the Drive Belt.

    3rd When the running belt stops and Drive Motor & Drive Belt continues to spin does the entire front roller rotate?
    If the entire front roller continues to spin then you will need to adjust the running belt.
    If just the pulley on the front roller continues to spin, then you will need to replace the entire front roller.

    This should help you troubleshoot exactly what is wrong with your treadmill, and remember to lube your Running Belt & Deck every 6 months.
  • 1st -The belts try to stop, but never stop. Only lose some speed but immediately start back up to rise the speed set point set.
    Recently the local technician in Veracruz, Mex comes with other console with the other ..he tested and the problems goes....he says that the problem is the console but in Mexico I don't where can I get a console similar as spare parts. Do you know where can I get this kind of console.
    The motor and the belt are ok,
  • the lubed is ok too, because recently was made the maintenance
  • I would need your complete model number to find you a console.
  • This is the Model. SFTL 18909.0
  • Any comment that can help to get a new console..?
  • we cannot find that console - it is no longer available at the manufacturer :(
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