PaceMaster Silver Select Error

Hi Everyone,
New here, hoping someone can help me out. We recently moved and I put back together my PaceMaster Silver Select treadmill but it isn't working now. When its plugged in and I attach the magnet key I get a red light that lights up in the motor housing. There are 3 red warning lighhts, its the middle one. Anyone have any idea what the heck that means? I don't even know where to begin? Help. Thanks in advance!


  • please check to make sure all wires are securely plugged in inside

    make sure there is no crimping in the wires

    It could be that the lower board is not sending voltage to the console and the only way to know this is if you have a voltmeter and can test the red wire & the black wire.

    You should have anywhere from 8vdc to 12vdc on those two wires.

    If you have that voltage then the console is bad.

    If you do not have the voltage then the motor controller is bad.

  • Awesome, thanks for much. I'll give that a try!
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