NordicTrack 2450 Speed Limit Decline

Is it possible to readjust or delete the factory settings for limited speed when the belt is in declination?
These are a
12.9 km/h to -3%.
13.7 km/h a -2%.
14.0 km/h to -1%.

When you do a route that varies quickly the ascents and descents, this parameter is quite painful.


  • I can only imagine!!!

    The automatic decline is set up not only as a safety feature, but also to help you work different leg muscles for extra toning and calorie burnout.

    No, it is not possible to delete the factory settings - you can only adjust manually during the individual workouts with the OneTouch controls incline button.
  • But this is quite painful.
    For example:
    You enter a course, and this one has several false flat, which make the course go very quickly from 0% to -3% then 0% in 3/4 seconds.
    Well if your speed is 15km/h, you fall back to 12.9km/h despite the fact that this short period of time did not allow the treadmill to go down.
  • Ouch that does sound incredibly painful! Technology is great until it works against us!!!
  • Exactly, and I think if you put a course on your mat to improve on it, it's not so that as soon as it hits a D- of 3% you go back to 12.9kph. With this "safety" system it is not possible to progress (You and I will run much faster than 12.9 km/h on descents of only -3%).
  • LOL you do - not me! I tend to tumble downhill!!!
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