Proform 590T console not turning on

Good afternoon, i just recently got an 590t proform treadmill on an auction, it was working no problem to begin with, but once me and my wife tried moving it to the living room it stopped working, when its plugged in i can see the light on the control panel near the motor light up, but the panel on the treadmill doesnt turn on, what could be causing this issue? the treadmill is receiving power, can anyone help me troubleshoot this issue? thank you


  • Hello!
    It is possible during the move that you pulled a wire loose. Would you be able to check the wiring from the panel to the speed sensor? Just to make sure everything is still plugged in securely?
  • you mean the back part of the panel? i will try dissembling it and look. will get back to you with an update
  • that sounds great! hopefully it is just disconnected!
  • Hey sir, it has not worked, what else could i try?
  • Do you put safety key back in place on unit, if safety key is not in place then unit will not light up and turn on. also make sure main harness coming down from lower board and runs up right side upright has not come unpluged.
  • yes safety key is on, what is that harness?
  • The wire harness is the main harness the comes up from The motor controller up the right upright and plugs into console.
  • i know what you talking about, i will check it out! thank you for helping me
  • so i checked everything, it all seems connected, the techincal manual says a solid red light means the treadmill is receiving power and should be working, i have a solid red light however still no signs of it working
  • i checked the harness wires too, checked the connection between the console and the motor wires, have completely dissembled everything, looked everywhere, i have absolutely no idea what is causing the treadmill to not start, this all happened after we moved it around, so it should definitely still be good, because i was running in it the other day, i am just very sad because its an old treadmill and it probably is not worth it to buy parts to replace it. wish i knew more about electrical stuff so i could figure out where the power is getting lost at
  • What is your complete model number?
    Do not give up! We sure won't!
  • Model number: PFTL819101
  • There is a reed switch under the motor hood along with a magnet on the left side of the pulley. The pulley has to be turned until the magnet is aligned with the reed switch. The gap between the magnet and the reed switch should only be 1/8 inch. There are pictures on pg 25-26 of the owner's manual. Do you still have your copy?
  • I got this treadmill from an auction so i did not receive a manual with it, i will research online, thank for all the help
  • ok i aligned the reed switch with the magnet, however that didnt do anything
  • the console is just not lighting up and the buttons dont work or do anything
  • It could be that the lower board is not sending voltage to console and the only way to know this is if you have a voltmeter and test the end of console that plugs into the console.

    You need to test the red wire & the black wire and should have anywhere from 8vdc to 12vdc on those two wires.

    If you have that voltage then console is bad.

    If you does not have the voltage then the motor controller is bad.
  • Understood. i actually had bought a multimeter last night so it should be coming in the mail on saturday. i will test it out and let you know.

    Could it be that the wire harness is bad? because the motor controller has a solid red light on it , maybe is just the cable thats bad
  • If the console panel is bad, i might just get rid of the treadmill, because i see a new one is costing around 500 dollars and for that price i could have bought 6 treadmills with the amount of money i put into it (71 dollars) to buy the treadmill
  • The light on the controller just lets you know you have ac voltage coming into treadmill. Again test for 8 to 12vdc on the black wire & red wire . if you have proper voltage console is bad if not motor controller is bad, We see this all the time when a unit is moved or transported to one house to another house.
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