help to find a new console for freemotion t5.6 treadmill

Hi everybody!

My treadmill console is not working since last year and I could not find someone to fix it here in Costa Rica. I am looking for a spare part or another console model that can possibly match the motor controller "MC2100LTS-50W"

Please let me know if someone have a console for this treadmill (t5.6, model SFTL198080), or please let me know if someone has a good advise to share with me. According to freemotion fitness this console is "Not Longer Available", and actually they advised me to write in this forum.

Best regards for everybody.


  • Hello!
    We are sorry to hear your treadmill has not been working!
    This part has been discontinued and we are out of stock but has this console available - here is a direct link to the part you need!
    They are our competitor but we want you to have a working treadmill!!!!
    Best of luck to you!
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