NordicTrack Commercial 2950 Wiring Help

Hi all, a friend picked up a ~2016 Commercial 2950 that wasn't working (issues with the console). Anyway, the previous owners had purchased a bunch of replacement parts and never got anywhere.

I'm trying to play around with it and my current issue is figuring out the wiring inside the motor/deck housing. They had disconnected the harnesses coming from the console/uprights to the motor control board and a 2nd board stored underneath it. We have all new harnesses, but are not sure which ports they connect to, as there are more ports in the between the 2 boards than we can fill, and don't have helpful labeling.

We guessed on a few, but had no luck.

Model NTL22116A.0

Ideally, just need a wiring diagram for running the upright harnesses into the controller boards, but can't seem to find them anywhere.


  • normally there is a wiring diagram under the hood cover on a piece of paper tape to hood cover
  • Thanks for the tip - don't recall seeing anything there before, but I'll check again.
  • We don't have the wiring diagrams for those units.
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