Belt lubricant

I have the Horizon T303 treadmill and was wondering about the science of applying the belt lubricant. Some how-to videos show a single bead of 100% silicon oil being applied to the left and right of the belt (underneath) as the demonstrator seems unable to get oil in the middle. Where exactly is the oil supposed to end up upon operation? Does it ultimately need to get transferred to rollers or cover the entire underside of the belt or does one simply just need to lube a section of underbelt track directly beneath the human runner?
Please explain as I want to know I'm applying the oil right.and there's a lot of variance in how-to videos. The Horizon video shows the guy lubricating the entire sides (6" in) but not the middle of the underbelt track. Is that because rollers are only on the sides of the track and not the middle or something? Please advise so I understand the need and can apply the oil effectively.


  • You want to get it as close to the center of the belt the best you can, under where you feet will hit when walking or running.
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