BH Fitness belt sticking

Hi guys first time posting but I'm sure it won't be the last!

I have a BH Fitness F1 that I am having an issue with at the moment. When I run on it it feels as if the belt is sticking in certain places, it also stops immediately when I stress the stop button almost as if its emergency stopping, and the motor bogs down a little when you use it at low speeds but if fine at higher speeds. I've had the motor off cleaned it up and I couldn't see any issues there. The board has no scratches or debris on it and I have added a lot of lubricant to it but the problem persists. I have also ensured the drive belt is tight enough and the running belt is sufficiently tight too.

My suspicion is that the running belt itself is worn out and the reason it stops immediately is a combination of the belt being worn out and it being quite tight. Its either that or the motor. Does anyone have any ideas as to what is most likely or any tests I can perform to narrow down the answer?



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