NordicTrack 25046 Console partially works - motor & console buttons do not

I have a used NordicTrack 25046.3 (2.5 y/o). Recently moved it to a different location and had to remove the console. Reassembled and the unit started right up and worked correctly. Went to start it a few days later and the screen works - workout timer/ifit/settings/etc. however the motor will not move the belt and the speed & incline buttons do not work. I took the console off and all wire appear to be connected and intact. Any advice for repair?


  • would unplug ribbon cable and clean ends and then reinstall.
  • That didn’t seem to help. The fan and speaker buttons do not work either; I would think they have nothing to do with the motor control board but the motor isn’t engaging. I tested it and it runs when hooked to an external power source.
    The data cable is fine all the way up to the MCB via a volt meter.
  • Sounds like your console is going
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