Nordictrack 2450 - Squeak When Running

I bought this treadmill brand new in box from a third party in February 2020. No manufacturer warranty due to buying from a third party.

I love the treadmill. The one issue is that at certain inclines (usually around 1% or so) it makes a loud squeak as my foot strikes the board. I've tried tightening all of the bolts as well as I can. And it seems level to the ground.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced a similar issue and had luck stopping the squeak.



  • Could be in the incline rack, you may want to lube the pivots points with lube.
  • Thanks for the reply! If you have any tips or instructions on how to lube the incline rack pivot points, I would really appreciate it. I can do some online research, too. Thanks, again!
  • I don't have any instructions , but you may want to lube the incline arms/rack assembly anywhere the its mount but moves.
  • One more question... What kind of lube do you recommend I use? Thanks!
  • white lithium grease, you can buy it at lowes or home depot
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