Squeaky NordicTrack A2550 Pro

Hi, I have a squeaky treadmill. Just doing a little bounce on the belt I notice it will squeak near the head of the treadmill and in the middle, but not too much near the end. Any ideas?


  • Could be in the waling platform needs to be tighten down.
  • thank you for the tip! I tried looking online, and reached out to a few friends- but not sure how I would tighten down the platform. Any hints with this model? It seems like it has too much give when I run, or not enough cushion.
  • hm. I'm not sure the problem is the belt. I appreciate the video, though. It is a good resource, and well done.
  • Shows how to take unit apart so you can see if issue is with deck
  • I will use it to help me 'poke around' and see if I can find something obvious to tighten down. Thank you so much, I sincerely appreciate your replies.
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