No console power - NordicTrack Commercial

Hello, I'm looking for help troubleshooting a no-power condition for the console of my NordicTrack Commercial ZS treadmill. Everything was working fine and then my son unplugged the treadmill. When I plugged it back in, the console would not power up.

The motor control board (MCB) is receiving power and has a steady red LED. The 8-12v connector pin on the MCB is showing 11-12v when tested. The wiring harness that connects the MCB to the console harness has continuity of all wires.

Here's the strange part: when I connect the harness to the MCB and test the red wire for voltage at the other end of the harness (the end that connects to the console harness), there is no voltage. It's like as soon as I plug it into the MCB, the MCB is killing power to the connection.

I suspected I had a bad harness, but all the wires have continuity so I doubt that's the problem. Is it possible that the MCB gives 12v when the harness is not plugged in and then kills power when it is plugged in?

Thanks for help.


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