Sports Authority Treadmill Warranty and Extended Warranty thru Simplr

Hello, I just bought a treadmill from Sports Authority 5 days ago with 4-year maintenance warranty through (first-year warranty with SA) for total of 5 years coverage warranty. I haven't taken delivery of
the machine as yet. Today, I read where Sports Authority has filed for bankruptcy! (with possible sale to another outfit). Anyway, they are liquidating in my town, though I didn't know this 5 days ago when I bought.

My question..... is it likely that Sports Authority will honor the first year warranty on this machine? If I can get through the first year without service, I should be OK but still concerned if it does need maintenance. I bought a ProForm Performance 400i, a fairly good walking machine. Will Simplr honor the additional time of the warranty? My gut tells me to cancel this complete buy, delivery, assembly and extended warranty, etc. but you folks are the experts on this, machines and warranties to keep them up and going. I am adamant about my treadmill workouts everyday, for an hour, mostly walking but some light running, and some days I do 2(two) broken hours on the machine when time allows. I really use it and I need a maintenance plan! What do you know about Simplr Plans? Are they a good warranty? Will they possible renege on the extended warranty as it was bought through Sports Authority, a soon to be bankrupt company? How fast should I run away from this? ugh....... Thank you for all your time here helping us out! You rock!


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