How to keep a treadmill from migrating across a cement floor during use?

My nordictrack doesn’t have locking wheels, and then in addition to those wheels a couple contact points that aren’t wheels. I’m not sure if the treadmill even had locking wheels if wouldn’t still slide across the floor during use. My treadmill faces forward in the garage and I’d say the foor has an ever so slight slope downward toward the front (probably for snow / water drainage). It probably moves forward 4-5” in a half hour so it’s pretty significant. Besides a treadmill floor mat, what else can work? Not sure if / why I’d need a whole mat just to make the thing to stay put.


  • Besides a mat, you can fasten a 2 x 4 in front of the unit on the floor.
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    Thx. I have the chops to do that (can use epoxy or masonry screws) and could probably deal with the semi-permanence of the 2x4. Before going there, I was thinking: rubber door stops which will force the treadmill to go uphill... as long as the doorstops have enough friction so they themselves don’t slide. Or maybe just rubber coat the bottom of a 2x4 and cut it lengthwise at an angle so it’s one wide shim. Will report back, may take a while.
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