Treadmill will turn on but none of the buttons work

I have a NordicTrack T7 Si model# NTL07908 that I purchased in 2014. It worked fine and then after I moved from one state to another, when I tried to use it it would turn on and boot up like normal but none of the buttons seem to work. The only button that works is the volume down button. I opened up the unit and checked the console wires and everything seems to be connected properly. No loose wires or anything. I disconnected and reconnected the console wires just to make sure it was properly connected. It is connected directly to the wall. Any ideas, recommendations or suggestions are welcomed. Thanks in advance.


  • Sounds like a console and they are no longer available, but you can try to unplug small thin ribbon cable that goes from keypad and plugs into the console printed circuit board. Just unplug it clean the ends off the plug back in.
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