nordictrack 24766 or A2105

Replaced control board to updated style no problem. calibrating step to code 85 on display but the belt did not start I know motor is good. don't know what is wrong any help out there?


  • Did you try to adjust max speed pot on lower board?
  • yes in both directions. By the way in recalibrating to 85 unit started beeping I hit stop and then screen started verticaly scrolling about 1/8 in at a time.
  • only difference with board old was MC2100 REV B or 241697 New is 408938 transformer is much smaller and I had to do away with one of the blue wires to switch but switch works fine and everything seams to be working to calibration 85.Then belt does not start an constant beeping sound.
  • As per install instructions.
  • The console will beep until you adjust the max speed pot on lower board
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