Horizon CST 3.5 Belt Not Moving

Hey all, looking for some help on a treadmill we bought recently.

We bought the Horizon Club Series CST 3.5 treadmill used a few months ago and for the most part everything ran pretty well until recently. In its current state, the belt doesn't move at all, no matter what speed or setting the board is set to. The incline does work, however, so it appears that the control panel works as expected and is sending signal to the lower control board. Additionally, I've tested the motor directly my connecting it to a battery and the motor spins just fine when I do that. I assume this points to the lower control board being the issue. I've taken off all of the wires and inspected for issues, but I don't see any problems anywhere.

It seems weird to me that the incline feature works just fine but the belt doesn't. Is there any way for me to do some sort of test on the lower control board to figure out if it is truly to blame is some sense, or is it not worth it and there's just enough evidence to know it's a problem with the board.

I'm pretty technical in general, but know very little about treadmills and the actual goings-on on a control board from an electrical component perspective. It's not really worth it for us to spend $200-250 on a new board since we only spent like $150 on the treadmill as it was.

Thanks in advance for any help that you all can provide!


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