Slipping Belt - Motor Belt Loose? Nordictrack Commercial 1500

Got a Nordictrack Commercial 1500 for free due to a slipping belt and previous owner not wishing to try and fix it. Belt slips/stops completely when stepped on but can move with some assistance (pushing off) and especially as higher inclines and speed.

What I’ve tried so far is loosening and centering the walking belt (it was extremely tight and off right) and lubricating the walking surface. Neither worked so next step was opening the hood, which revealed a seeming problem with the motor belt. Please see video, but it appears that the motor belt has insufficient traction on the drive roller/pulley(?) thus not turning the front roller. Video:

I’m thinking my next step is to try tightening the belt, which other posts suggest can be done as a two man job - pulling the motor and belt tight and resecuring in place. Barring that, I’m thinking of purchasing a new motor belt. Can anyone confirm my suspicions or perhaps point to another possible problem I’m not seeing? Thanks!


  • Your problem is that the main pulley on front roller has broken loose and move over, so your drive belt is not even on pulley on front roller, You will need to replace entire front roller which comes with the new pulley.
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