LiveStrong 8.0T Treadmill - Potential Controller Board Issue?

Hi everyone,
First time poster here. Have had the LS 8.0T for a number of years now. Was on it a few weeks ago and it stopped suddenly and I thought I had disconnected the safety key but that wasn't the case. I have confirmed motor works using the battery test. The LCD panel lights up and all buttons beep when pressed and seem to be functioning. I put it into "Engineering Mode" based on service manual and can cycle through all the options but when it comes to running the motor test nothing happens. I suspect a bad controller board - there is a single LED on the board that blinks 4 times and pauses, then just repeats that pattern continuously. The treadmill "sounds" fine in that when you power it on the relays click and does the 3 beeps as per normal. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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