NordicTrack T9.2 - Buttons no longer work!

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Hi All

I went to use the treadmill this evening and all the buttons, apart from the incline button, have stopped working. Nothing works - speed, home, speed up/down etc. All i can get the treadmill to do is go up and down in height.

I opened up the screen and checked everything - al seems clean, damp free etc.

For one brief second I could press speed 2 and it would start the belt but it only did it once.

THe treadmill is stored in my garage, where it has been for the last 3 years with not issues. Ive reset it by powering it off at the mains and at the reset button.

Im not sure if the cold has caused this.

Any ideas???

I love this treadmill and would hate to have to replace it


  • can you check the wires for 8-12v? the wires going from the console and the ones from the board?
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