NordicTrack 6.5 s incline problems

edited November 2020 in Treadmill Problems
I have an older 6.5 s. It has been great until a few days ago. Everything works as it should, except for the incline. The motor seems to work, but it will only function sometimes. For example, if I push "10" it will go up. I suspect it doesn't go up all the way. If I press 6, it will go down and a different number will appear on the screen. Maybe a 3 or a 0. It isn't consistent and does't feel like it is going up or down quite like it should. I have calibrated the incline with no change in function. Any thoughts on this? My inclination (pun intended) is that I need to replace the incline motor, but I have no experience doing anything beyond lubing and tightening the belt, so I don't know what other diagnostics are available or problems may tend to arise.


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