Nordictrack Exp2000 (NTTL11992) treadmill console has no power

It used to work fine but suddenly the Console stops working. When turning power on, display is on and shows all default numbers, but pressing any button on the console has no response. I cleaned both harnesses connecting to circuit board re-install a couple of times and it didn't fix anything.

My question are:
1. If any button in the console doesn't work, is this power supply problem or the console itself broken?
2. Do both Display and Console share the same power supply?

I am going to order part to fix it. But I don't know if I should replace the console or the circuit board? Any advice would be highly appreciated.


  • Did you move your machine? Would it be possible to unplug your machine, wait a full minute, and then replug back into the wall?

    It could be that the lower board is not sending voltage to the console and the only way to know this is if you have a voltmeter and can test the red wire & the black wire.

    You should have anywhere from 8vdc to 12vdc on those two wires.

    If you have that voltage then the console is bad.

    If you do not have the voltage then the motor controller is bad.
  • Thanks for your reply. I did unplug and replug my machine. When I turn power switch on, all lights on the Display is on. There are two pairs of red/black wires going to the console. I can get 10vdc from one of pairs only. I will check motor controller.

    Thanks you again for your advice.
  • You have a bad console.
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