Is a treadmill good for losing belly fat?


I hope this post-COVID-19 day gives more Power to you. I am an educator and have been serving High school Malaysia for 5 consecutive years. To add up about me, I am an ex-police officer and teaching was adopted as a passion after my retirement. I was enjoying a healthy and happy life before the outbreak of this novel coronavirus. It drastically affected my health and work. I somehow managed to make a living by providing medical assignment writing service . But I was unable to leave home due to lockdown. The worst thing happened when the death toll raised in my area and high authorities imposed a strict lockdown. So now I was not even able to move or walk outside. These were the worst days of my health history. Anyways, I need to tuck off my belly fats now. Someone suggested that I use a treadmill. Does anyone have experience of losing belly fat with a treadmill? Please help me with guidance.


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    Thank you for serving as a police officer and then going on to teach! That is very inspiring!

    Any kind of cardio will help remove stubborn fat deposits as long as you watch what you eat! Walking on a treadmill is one of the best exercises for your body as it encourages you to keep moving!

    Being stuck inside is not fun at all but having a treadmill will help alleviate your stress and help manage weight issues!

    What kind of treadmill do you own? There are some pretty fancy models out there now!
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