Err Code 31 on pacemaster proplus II

what does it mean and how do i solve this issue?


  • Err Code 31 - (Dead Sensor) Indicates that the control panel is not sensing movement of the drive motor. This indication will appear between five to eight seconds after the start button is pressed.
    1. IF THERE IS MOTOR MOVEMENT, check the optical sensor assembly and wiring for damage and for proper connection to the power supply. Replace as needed. In most cases, replacing the optical sensor assembly will correct the problem.
    2. Check the wire harness for continuity, shorts or damage. Replace as needed.
    3. In rare cases, the power supply or control panel may need to be replaced.
    1. IF THERE IS NO MOTOR MOVEMENT, check the wiring between the power supply circuit board and the drive motor for good connection shorts to ground and continuity.
    2. Check the drive motor for continuity and shorts to ground. Replace if needed.
    3. Bypass the wire harness between the control panel circuit board and the power supply circuit board with a spare wire harness. If the error is corrected, install the spare wire harness. If the error still occurs –
    4. Replace the power supply circuit board. In the unlikely event that this does not correct the error –
    5. Replace the control panel circuit board
  • Let us know if we can help you out anymore.
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