Not a treadmill, but S22i Nordictrack Bike...

I know this might not be the place, but my wife and I purchased a brand new Nordictrack bike (s22i), and it came with issues and their customer service is terrible. I thought MAYBE someone here could give us some kind of input.

The machine is making a popping/knocking/cracking type noise when the pedal is rotated. Happens when it's on or off.

I made two videos to help:

This one is when someone is riding it:

This one is just me turning it slowly:

ANY help would be great.

Thank you


  • Hate to hear their customer service was not up to par! I hope we can help!

    You will have to loosen the side covers over the wheel (remove if possible) and hand crank the pedal while you are looking inside. Until you open it up, it is just a guessing game on the issue. It might be you simply need to tighten the nuts on the wheel but we will not know until you look inside.
  • Were you able to ascertain the noise on your bike?
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