Norditrack X7i boot loop

I have an early model X7i Model 24927.0. It is stuck in a boot loop which is caused by software. The console shows a blue screen with a white loading bar going up to full then starting back over and it does this in a loop.

I pulled the wifi card out of the internal usb port after pulling the back of the console. Tested the wifi out on my pc and the card is fine. I have A USB port available where the wifi card goes and a male USB-B Male mini connector sticking out of the circuit board. My guess it's a service port. All I'm really trying to find is how to re-flash the software on this. I'm technical so if it's via service port or serial I'm completely comfortable with it.

I have found discussions about this issue online and non of them have had any solution that has worked. It seems to be a bit common on this model with no real fix pointed out. I have a case open with NordicTrack but I think with everything going on they have been busy.

Any one have an idea on this? I'm nervous I call a technician out and they just say its the console with at least not trying to flash the software first.


  • The only thing it could be at this point and those console are $969.89 plus shipping.
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