Treadmill Problem - Incline motor?


I'll try to keep it short and sweet.

I have a Reebok ZR9 I purchased a few years ago, I used it a few times but I put it in my living room and my neighbour complained it was too much noise. I moved it today into my garage, I had to put it on its side and sled it out on a big cardboard sheet. I didn't think it was too bad and it went out fine.

I wish I had tested if it was still working before I moved it but I didn't. When I get it in the garage I tried to power it on, the console/electric part seems to work fine. However, the motor will not start at all (I haven't tested the motor electrically) and the incline motor (I think it's the incline motor doing it) keeps making a click, it's like ... it sounds like when you try to turn the gas on the hob and it just keeps clicking over. However, the incline motor seems to function physically, but I noticed it moves up and then at a certain point it lifts down again, goes to 0 then inclines, hits a point and goes down again. Up and down.

Any suggestions? I was looking forward to getting to use it again and after all that hassle getting it through the house it doesn't work :(


  • Oh something else to note, I noticed as it goes down to 0 the incline motor itself seems to want to turn, and turns a bit then clicks back into its original position.

    Also, there's a red light on the motherboard thing, that's making a little ...beep noising but it's more of a very quiet "weeeeeeeeee". I have no idea if it was doing that before or not.
  • So I found out what it was. The capacitor on the circuit board had gone.
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