Nordictrack slipping

I have a 1-year old norictrack T6.5S which is giving me troubles.

Walking is fine, and running fast is fine, but jogging is not. With a slightly forward footfall, the belt feels like it's slipping just a little bit. But where, I don't know. Sometimes when footfall is at a slight sideways vector, I can feel it the most. It just isn't perfectly stable which makes jogging really shitty.

I had a professional come out to check it and they up-sold me a new walking platform and belt. The next technicial installed this professionally and tightened the belt as much as he thought was good, but it still slipped.

So I took matters into my own hands (didn't want to have to resort to this - hence hiring professionals), and read just about every post here and watched just about every youtube video about treadmills.

The walking belt does not slip when stomping on it. I've played with it's tension in both directions and it's now at the most optimal setting, but something's still not right.

I tightened the drive belt because it felt slightly loose. Before I could twist it about 1/4 turn. Now tightened, only about 1/8 of a turn. This helped a lot, but still something's not right.

I did the white line test on the front roller, and it seems fine. No issues there.

I don't know what else it could be. If the drive belt is tight, and the walking belt is new and at the correct tension, and the front roller is OK, where else do I check?

I've now spent 75% of the purchase price of the treadmill on "repairs" and countless hours.

This treadmill has <1000km on it and in mint condition.

If anyone has ANY ideas, please help. I'm about to throw it to the curb.


  • When was the last time you applied lube to underside of belt?
  • It's a new walking belt <1 month old and <5 hours of use. It's pre-lubricated, and specifically instructs not to add lube.
    Here are a few things you can look into to see why your running belt is stopping when you walk on treadmill.
    • Let’s remove the hood cover on your treadmill.
    • Now run the treadmill at 2.5mph with no one on it and see how it runs.
    • Now go ahead and step onto the belt and see what happens.
    1st Few things to look at when you’re running belt stops.
    A) When the running belt stops does the Drive Motor also stop?
    B) If yes then it could be a weak Drive Motor or bad Motor Controller.
    2nd When the running belt stops does the Drive Motor continue to run and also does the drive belt continue to run?
    A) If the Drive motor still runs and Drive Belt does not then you will need to tighten down the Drive Belt or replace the Drive Belt.
    3rd When the running belt stops and Drive Motor & Drive Belt continues to spin does the entire front roller rotate?
    A) If the entire front roller continues to spin then you will need to adjusted running belt.
    B) If just the pulley on the front roller continues to spin, then you will need to replace the entire front roller.
    This should help you trouble shoot exactly what is wrong with your treadmill, and remember to lube your Running Belt & Deck every 6 months.

  • The drive belt was good and did not slip. The front roller was also fine (all explained in the original question).

    I ended up throwing the treadmill out. I'll never buy a Nordictrack again. Now I'm a happy owner of a Precor.
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