Error 3

Have Chinese treadmill (IUBU), Suffering from this error along while, I changed the speed sensor and the motor due to some advices from technicians 😤😤 and still the same error.

The issue exactly that the treadmill works normally Unstoppably for hours in (unloaded mode) ..

In loaded mode, which is me of course stepping on, it works normally with no Issue till speed 6,8, after reaching 6.9 and above , It would take 1 min then suddenly stops showing E3. What I understood from such a kind of error is that the set speed and the actual speed doesn't meet. when I tried to lift myself up a little Bit By side handles and walk on to reduce my weight ( 90Kg and the motor is 3.5 hp which can carry up to 120kg)
It kept working with no issue, once went back to normal walk the 1min again and e3😤😤

Im really fed up with this situation any solutions?!


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