HELP! - Belt adjustment issues

Hi all

Apologies if this has been discussed here before.

I am quite new to Treadmills, I have this treadmill for about 4-5 years and I had no idea that we need to lubricate the belt in order to keep it in good condition but in all fairness, the treadmill has hardly been used.

So I looked at a video on YouTube trying to figure out where to club he belt and one of the suggestions was if the belt is too tight, lose the belt slightly from the bolts at the rear of the treadmill oil, and tighten it again.

Now that's where the problem starts.

1. While I was oiling the belt the cap popped out and I ended up in emptying a full 200ml bottle under the belt, so the issue was to clean all the excessive oil, I used some old towels and carefully sliding them inside the belt and took a lot of the oil out.

2. Now I just can't get to align the belt. Firstly how would I know that what is too tight, I understand if I manage to stop the treadmill with my foot on it means the belt is too loose but how would I know that it is too tight, I can manage to lift the belt slightly up and put my finger in I believe it is the right amount?

3. So when I run the treadmill without walking on at and set the speed around 7 to check the belt alignment belt is perfectly aligned the moment I stop on it and starts walking it slides to the right, I am just banging my head against the wall now!!!

Any advice is highly appreciated.

Many thanks


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