Nordicktrack X7i incline trainer belt wont move

Hi all! I have a 1 week old nordictrack x7i incline trainer. Have used it 3 times, 2 climbes up a mountakn trail, one run for 20 min. Today tried how does the 40% incline work. Tried 2kmh first, then tired increasing 3kmh, nothing happened so decreased to 2 kmh back. The time was around 2 mins of walking. I heard a boom from under me and the machine died. I checked the fuse box and it had blown a fuse, fixed that and the light came back on and incline works, but the belt doesnt move. Blown roller motor or what,? There was some burnt electrical smell. There had been slight variation in speed in the climbs I did a few days back, but nothing else. Not sure if that was symptom or just a feature. I weigh 95 kg, so shouldnt be a problem. Not very happy at the moment as there is no Nordictrack support here and not expecting this from a brand new machine. Do you think it is an easy fix diy or am I in trouble?
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