ProForm6.0 Shuts down when speed is increased.

I have a ProForm6.0 (Model PFTL6950.1) that I got from a friend because it was not working. I replaced the motor control board and it now works, but kicks out when I get the speed up to about a 7.0 when I am on it. It will go to 10.0 without me on it. I have cleaned and lubricated the belt and deck. The belt is tracking properly. The treadmill only has about 25 hours on it. So, the parts are essentially new, no belt wear. The belt is tightened to about 2.5" to 3.0" at the belt midpoint. The motor belt turns about 90 degrees when I turn it and looks new. I have calibrated the speed by setting the control board to 85 and ramped the speed to 10 using the motor control board. If I barely go over 10.0 on the motor control board with nobody on the treadmill, the treadmill will shutdown. I have changed the motor control board a second time and it continues to shutdown. Amps to the motor are 3mph - 3.57amps, 4mph - 4.26amps, 5mph - 4.66amps, 6mph - 5.15amps, 7mph - 5.50amps, 8.0mph - 5.70amps, 9.0mph - 5.89amps, 10.0mph - 5.90 amps. To me, the amps look good. Belt is clean, lubed and not worn. What else do I need to check to figure out why it shuts down around a 7.0 speed when I am on it.


  • Also, same effect happens regardless if it is hooked directly to an outlet or with an extension chord. It is on a dedicated line with a 20amp fuse which never trips.
  • Could be a problem with the drive motor itself.
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