York T520i treadmill. Power but belt won't move

I know its old but I have a York 520i treadmill that stopped working during a run a few days ago. The console display comes on and counts down, (relay) clicks but the running mat doesn't move and I get err 1 code. The incline adjustment works and I tried connecting a battery to the DC motor and it turned the running mat OK. I also find if I move the belt with my feet after the countdown ends, the timer will count up normally until I stop moving and then I get the err 1 code again. I'm looking for ideas on what is causing the problem and how I could fix it. Thanks.


  • Sounds like the lower motor controller has gone bad.
  • Is it too old to fix economically? Frame and deck all seem OK. I don't use it a lot and never at its maximum speed (14km/h). Occasionally might hit 11km/h but only for a few mins. My standard run is between 10 - 10.6 km/h and I usually only run on the treadmill for a 30min session.
  • we don't have those lower boards for those.
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