Nordic Track 5100R circuit breaker problem

I have been running on a Nordic Track 5100R for about 16 years, both I and my wife use it 3-4x week each. This morning it switched off just before the end of a run. I checked the black/white circuit breaker switch next to inlet of the power cord. After this morning's failure, every time i put power to the treadmill, it trips the breaker. I replaced a board in it in 2016 (Treadmill Doctor customer service helped me troubleshoot the problem and had the right replacement part - great service!) and haven't had any problems since. Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot or what might be wrong?


  • Sounds like the motor controller has shorted out, when was the last time you replace the walking belt or even lube the walking belt.
  • original walking belt. it appears to be in good shape. I have read that lubing is problematic but will take your advice - How do i test the motor controller?
  • Good luck with your purchase
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