Nordictrack Won't start

I have a 15-yr old Nordictrack E3200 . The Model number is NTL16920. A week ago it wouldn't start. Console lights up and everything seems fine except the belt wouldn't start. I tried the reset button but no luck. The next day I checked the Reed switch and repositioned it OK. The belt then started running and no issue the rest of the day. Next day it ran ok. I shut it down and came back an hour later and it wouldn't start. Again tried reset. Now still won't run. Any ideas?


  • Today I found the treadmill would start up; but then when it was running the belt speed would slow down and then speed up to the right speed in a few seconds. After I stopped it I might have to push the reset button before it would restart. Not always; but once in awhile. Anyone have any ideas now? I have a call in to Nordictrack for help.
  • Consensus seems to be a MCB problem so I'm getting a new one. Anyone know where I can get a video or a Utube on installing a Nordictrack E3200 MCB?
  • Thanks, that helps a bit. However my Model is a E3200 and the transformer is not located on the MCB but rather to the treadmill frame. It has lots of other harnesses and wires in addition to those shown in your diagram. I'n kind of confused on how to remove those other wires.
  • Just unplug one wire at a time and then plug into the new board.
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    Got my MCB yesterday afternoon and switched it our, ran the calibration procedures, and all is well. Thank you all for advice and support. I have my wife back now.
  • Make sure you lube walking belt every 6 months.
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