Treadmill turns on, incline works, but belt won't move.

Hi, I got an issue with my treadmill. It turns on.. I can make the incline go up and down.. but when I press start the belt won't move. I've tested the motor with an external power supply to see if that was the issue by hooking it up to a cordless drill's battery and the belt moved.. so the motor must be fine..

Anyone know what else would be the problem please? Or what and how to test next please?



  • Alright, when you press the start button on console does your time start to count up, if it does then you are looking at a motor controller that needs to be replace. But if the time does not start to count up then its a console issue.
  • it does count.. and tries to start... but the belt won't move.. what is a motor controller issue please? where is that located?
  • The motor controller is down by your feet under the hood cover with the motor,what model treadmill do you have.
  • ihave same problem, control board counts up, motor control board mc2100lts-30. the light on control board stays solid on. Is this a MCB issue?
  • Image 2002. Counts down, motor tries to start then motor control board clicks and motor stops. New control board does same.
  • Dugnall did you ever figure out problem? Mine is doing exactly same thing, tested motor, top console and incline work normally, bought new board and same issue. Turn on and relay clicks, belt starts for about 5 seconds and shuts off.
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