Treadmill turns on, incline works, but belt won't move.

Hi, I got an issue with my treadmill. It turns on.. I can make the incline go up and down.. but when I press start the belt won't move. I've tested the motor with an external power supply to see if that was the issue by hooking it up to a cordless drill's battery and the belt moved.. so the motor must be fine..

Anyone know what else would be the problem please? Or what and how to test next please?



  • Alright, when you press the start button on console does your time start to count up, if it does then you are looking at a motor controller that needs to be replace. But if the time does not start to count up then its a console issue.
  • it does count.. and tries to start... but the belt won't move.. what is a motor controller issue please? where is that located?
  • The motor controller is down by your feet under the hood cover with the motor,what model treadmill do you have.
  • ihave same problem, control board counts up, motor control board mc2100lts-30. the light on control board stays solid on. Is this a MCB issue?
  • Image 2002. Counts down, motor tries to start then motor control board clicks and motor stops. New control board does same.
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