NordicTrack EXP 3000 Drive motor and incline motor

Motor does not start. Hear 3 'clicks' in start attempt (overload protector?). Remove belt tensioner and motor starts fine. Reattach tensioner spring with motor running and drives belt without issue. Incline motor also 'clicks'. Looking for overload protector or advice from forum.


  • After running the belt drive motor for a few minutes it seems to work OK . . . at the moment. This machine hasn't been used in at least 6 years. Maybe just the commuter/brushes just needed cleaning. The incline still goes 'click' but no movement. I will take the lift screw loose and see if it will run without any work to do.
  • Removed the incline motor/transmission. Between incline 1 and 10 the shaft only turns about 180 degrees. Obviously not right. Transmission problem or motor control?
  • Sounds like incline motor issue.
  • Connected AC/common to leads of incline motor/transmission directly without going through Power Supply Board. Motor runs as expected, screw shaft turns as expected and reverses perfectly with power switch from red to black.

    Reconnected to board and fails as above.

    Guess that leaves Power Supply Board. pn 158385. A hunting I must go.
  • Yeah, that part they no longer make.
  • Used replacement board does precisely the same thing. That is with the motor/transmission removed so there is no torque overload involved.

    Incline sensor connected as appropriate.

    Control panel? If so, I guess that this unit will be a flat track treadmill.

    Anyone need a 158385 series C control board that appears to function in every way just fine?
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