Hot plastic smell on PaceMaster Platinum Pro VR

Around 10 minutes of 3.9mph walking on various grades, we get a hot plastic burning smell.

Diagnostic reports about 230 hours and just under 1000 miles on the unit. Brushes appear to have about 3/4” left.

The unit did have some slippage on the walking belt at low speeds, although this seemed to correct it self once the unit warmed up and especially no slippage if we ran at 3% and above grade. After 10 minutes or so we could even go back to level and slow speed with no slippage.

As far as tension on the walking belt, I can force my fist under the belt in the middle of the length (almost to the centre of the belt) with some pressure.... it doesn’t just allow me to pick it up and stick my hand under it. The deck and belt are warm to the touch when the smell occurs.

Tension on the drive belt appears to be setup ok as I can just do the twist test in the middle of the belt between the pulleys.

Is it ok to loosen the belt and treat the deck with silicone? My old Landice machine promoted this. In the Pacemaster Manual they say no lubrication is required. The deck appears to be in good shape no grooves or marks that I can see once I’ve loosened the belt and inspected it.

Re the present walking belt tension, I could send a video off my iphone it that helps but I can’t see a way to attach it to this post

Thanks for your advice in advance.

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