NordicTrack Commercial 1750 treadmill not working

Hello. My year 2014 NordicTrack Commercial 1750 is no longer functioning. When powered up, the console only has a dim backlighting to it, nothing else is visible on it. Also, when powered on, the motor control board has a single red LED that becomes lit after about 1 second and stays lit (no blinking). I don't see any visible signs of damage or loose wires on the control board. I called NordicTrack and the treadmill is out of warranty and they only offered to send a tech to the house to diagnose (not fix) for a charge of $159.


  • Sounds like maybe a console, you may want to see if you have 12vdc up at top of wire harness on the black wire & red wire.
  • It does measure 12v at the wiring harness that leads to the display. I was really hoping it wouldn't be the console.
  • Its the console, just need complete model number to see what a console would cost.
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