Nordictrack X9i

Looking for some guidance:

I picked up a Nordictrack X9i for $300. It has a total of 500 miles on it and it seemed like a great deal. Everything worked great when I first checked it out. I picked it up disassembled. Of course, when I get it home and put it all together, there are major problems.

The incline motor wants to continually go up even though it is already maxed out. The belt worked for a bit (like for 2 minutes) and now won't run at all. So now, I've got an incline trainer maxed out at full tilt (which is at 40%) and a belt that won't run. The display works fine and powers up, will start runs and times them, it connects to the web, etc...but nothing is actually moving.

When I try to calibrate or even turn the machine on, however, the incline motor just keeps trying to go up (which can't be good for it). Pulling the safety release will get it to stop. The belt hasn't run since I attempted to calibrate it the first day I was messing with it.

I've checked all my connections and wires. uncovered the motors and looked at the board...nothing I can see (but I don't really know what I'm looking for). I've also restored factory settings.

So a few questions:

-anyone have any ideas or thoughts?
-is it worth dumping a few hundred more into this machine to get it running? Does that make sense for its lifespan?
-or, do I cut my losses and try to get rid of it?

Thanks! I'm in Seattle if anyone happens to know who to call (or is interested in a broken X9i)


  • I would check all your connections, at the motor controller and at the console. sounds like maybe you may have a few things wrong with it.
  • thanks! I will quadruple check everything...

    Any thoughts on the idea of dumping more dollars into this thing? A service visit would easily be $150-250...a lot more if there are major parts involved. Is a machine this old (but with only 500ish total miles on it) worth it that investment?

    In short, I don't want to be 600-800 into a machine that's just not worth it. Any guidance from anyone familiar with them would be really appreciated.

  • what is the complete model number off unit and then I can let you know exact prices on parts and what is and what is not available.
  • OK, so I got the belt running (seemed like a connection issue) and was able to get the incline to go down to about 20%. One technician I called suggested that I reverse the power to the incline motor (which I did and was able to lower it about halfway)

    Now, the belt runs (I think I'm good there (pretty sure it was just the wiring harness), but I am stuck at about 20% incline and am unable to adjust the incline at all (unless I flip it to calibration mode and then it just maxes out and keeps trying to run). I'm feeling as if the the incline motor and rod is maybe jammed/locked as if it won't complete the final turns into the housing?

    I'm not sure if that makes any sense and I don't see a way to post videos or pictures to show what I am talking about... Is it possible that somehow the threaded rods that incline motor turns are somehow jammed, making it unable to fully lower?

    Note: this is an incline trainer (up to 40% and down to -6%), so everything I look at online regarding how to repair the incline motors on a treadmill isn't really helping me that much. I've got two telescoping threaded rods...

    Any advice? Help?
  • New update:

    Belt is running fine.

    I took off the incline motor, lubed the threads and it will now go all the way up/down.

    However, incline only works when attempting to calibrate. It either goes all the way up (and keeps trying to keep going up) or all the way down (and keeps trying to continue to go down).

    If I pull the safety key, I can stop the calibration process and stop this (again, it can't be good for the motor). It now alternates between going up and going down if I pull the key and start over.

    So, some progress...I think.

    Fixable? Is a new incline motor needed? Another part that helps determine what is max up and max down? Is there a regulator or a controller somewhere that I need to take a look at?

    My machine number is: 313547 (at least that's what I can find when I look at the machine info there a serial number somewhere else?)

    Thanks again for reading and the suggestions. Much appreciated!
  • That 313547 is not the model number, it would start out with NTL or 831
  • Bought a new incline motor on ebay for $ great. Problem solved.
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