Nordictrack Eli3 9700 Won't Move

So my treadmill was dead a few weeks ago. I got a new motor control board and installed it. Wire for wire it's installed just like the original. The treadmill now powers up and all the control panel functions work but the belt never starts moving.

I can start a workout and the timer starts going and I can change the speed and it accepts the input and displays the speed but it never starts moving. The incline up and down works fine.

Motor spins freely by hand and I did the battery test. Motor is fine.

I cannot, using any key combination, get into any kind of calibration mode. The treadmill is a touchscreen and I've been through all the screens and find nothing on speed calibration. There is an incline calibration and I have run that.

I'm at a loss now.


  • What is the complete model number off treadmill?
  • Apologize for my typo in the title.

    Model: NTL22011 3
    Serial Number: FF300130989

    Thank you in advance. I wish I'd have found this site before I ordered.
  • Are you sure the motor controller you purchase is good? You can use a voltmeter and see if mcb is putting out any voltage to motor when you start it up and increase the speed.
  • No I am not sure. This is the info I was looking for. I will double check this. I checked it once earlier this week and the DC voltage was low, but I don't remember what speed it was on when I checked it. However, having done the battery test, I'm sure the motor is good.

    Sounds like the new board is junk.
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