Ancheer s900 e5 error

Hi everyone I just purchased a used Ancheer s900 treadmill and when I get on it and start to run it feels like something is slipping the belt almost comes to a complete stop and I get an e5 error code. I ordered oil to lube it and tried adjusting tensions both ways (loosen/tighten). Neither seemed to work. If I pushed down while going slow the belt comes to a stop for a split second. Any more suggestions? Thanks


  • And while running I can feel
    It stop. I did adjust the main drive belt coming from the motor. It seems like that is stopping to when I push harder on it or run. But it is still doing it. Lube will be here Saturday so maybe that will help
  • Try to lube real well and let it sit overnight so lube can soak into belt and then try it the next day.
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