What Treadmill Brand that can be programmed freely?

I have an Old Nordictrack T5.7 that can be connected to iFit.
With iFit I can program the Speed and Incline and Segment Time freely.
Some other Treadmill can have Custom or User program. But the segment Time is fixed.
Like if you set total time 30min and the Treadmill segment is 15..each segment will be 2 minutes.
Is there any Treadmill that can be programmed freely like iFit but does not have to pay monthly?
The NordicTrack T5.7 still working just fine but I don't want to pay the iFit anymore.
So right now I just set the speed manually using Exercise Timer App.
If there is...I will replace the T5.7.


  • There is so out there its hard to give you a list, best thing to do is go into a store and try a few out.
  • I already checked major brand Treadmills. Their custom or user programmed option are limited. Based on segment that has fixed length of time and limited number of segment.
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